Ticketing edition of Megatiket

About us

MEGATIKET system was created by people, who started on-line sales of tickets in Europe. At that time there was no such Internet as now… And tickets looked more as postcards – nice and glossy, but impossible to distribute.

We have built a first E-ticket in Europe in 2001 year. And sold for large festival only 1 (one) ticket! The whole company came to look at this person, who was so brave and paid real money for a virtual e-mail message. A lot changed since this time and so called self-ticketing appeared, when promoters are generating tickets by themselves and have own system… Actually it was the reason for creation of our MEGATIKET. Because after creation of some kind of distribution system organizers of events began to need EFFECTIVE AND REASONABLY PRICED ADVERTISING. Which does not exist! First we realized, that it’s practically not possible to buy advertising on-line! Everything off-line!

Second, it is not completely possible to target the right audience! Even such sophisticated systems as Facebook or other social networks cannot do that. Facebook and similar can more or less set up geographical area and age of their clients. What about preferences of their users… DOES ANYBODY THINK, THAT FACEBOOK REALLY KNOWS PREFERENCES OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE….? What about conversion rate, then here is an example of one advertising campaign:

In order to sell 10 606 tickets for event there were 3 265 779 impressions on FB!

Megatiket is a system oriented for creation of really effective advertising and marketing for events. Events can be different – from seasonal sales till social celebrations. MEGATIKET is effective because

  • anybody can compose own advertising package in our system, buy it on-line in a very short time. Process of ordering is user friendly and comfortable – similar to FB or Google.
  • our clients have a large variety of marketing instruments – practically everything: radio, TV, Internet instruments, print, outdoor facilities.
  • all of those instruments are divided into Generic and Concrete Audience oriented. In short Rock radio has listeners who no doubt like rock. Accordingly if you have a rock event, recommendation is to place a spot on this radio. This radio knows their audience not from Google maps.
  • Generic media even if it is oriented on general public has also specific audience: billboard located at shopping area will get more attention if will place there info about Black Friday.
  • We have united under our roof the best specialists in marketing and sales, which will advise to our clients FOR FREE about the right strategy;
  • We have negotiated a reasonable pricing for advertising products, so our clients will not pay extra;
  • And the last: for every event our clients are organizing we recommend to issue some kind of document – ticket, voucher, invitation, registration. As a result our clients can monitor who will come to their event, if they ever will come.

We offer a ticketing/invitation systems. At very reasonable prices.

All this makes advertising not expensive, easy to order and easy to see how effective it is.

If you want to try our system, try it!