About us

MEGAevent system was created by people, who started on-line sales of tickets in Europe. We have built a first E-ticket in Europe in 2001 year. At that time there was no such Internet as now… And tickets looked more as postcards – nice and glossy, but impossible to distribute.

Our new project is called Megaevent and is if in two words a digital advertising company. It was conceptualized based on many years of analyzing of current development of advertising market.
Client, who spends money for advertising wants few fundamental things from advertising: advertised product or service should be shown to public from the best sides. Advertising should be effective – in another words not to lose, but make money. If advertising is not successful, advertiser should know why – needs to get qualified reports. And final thing – advertiser needs to be respected and not to treat him as an object of robbery.
All those principles easy to declare, but hard to implement. Because today’s ad market is doing all this, but with the word “no”. The goal of our company with the help of digital solutions to achieve those declared principles. To bring economical sense to advertising, respect advertiser, to open advertising opportunities to those, who does not have such possibilities, but need them!

How we gonna do it? There are different mechanisms of achieving those.

  • There is about 2 million independent entrepreneurs in Czech Republic. Most of them cannot build a good web site, or pay for advertising for their business or service. We will open such opportunity for them: they can get a good and modern listing (web page) with a booking mechanism on our subsystem The market value of such product is about 40 – 60 thousand CZK. We have opened such opportunity for them for free. If there will be some fees, in majority those are connected with installation, support functionality, which we need to pay.
  • Only this project will allow to many small and medium businesses present their product to users and receive on-line bookings.
  • We want every event for client to turn into Megaevent. Does not matter if this is sales of garden equipment or opening of a new bar – for those who are organizing this event it is large, it is realization of dreams come true. One of the ways to make this event large and important is to advertise it well, but also to issue tickets for client. Tickets free or paid. – advertiser can decide. Our company gives for organizers ticketing system of default version FOR FREE.

Advertising plans and process. We made all improvement to make ordering of advertising, preparation of advertising materials and advertising itself easy and fast. Our clients can set up advertising package consisting from different media on-line and for every budget.Advertiser can fully control the process: increase or decrease the speed or expenses. At the end client will receive not only information about lousy impressions and clicks, but also monitor sales.

Due to built by Megaevent technologies advertiser can get his marketing message to a targeted group and not to shoot in the sky.

So, due to different innovations and improvements built by Megaevent the whole flight into the sky of advertising is pleasant and fully under control.

Plus media plan itself we give to our clients also for free, as many other tools and solutions. Complete the form, send it us and we will prepare it!