Event and Mega discount channel

Conditions of Mega Lottery

Mega Lottery was brought to you by those companies:

Step 1. Get ticket!

Mega Lottery is already started and you can buy Mega Lottery/discount vouchers NOW!:

Choose appropriate prize you want to fight for, choose amount of vouchers and here you go: you already are participating in the campaign!

You will receive your tickets to your e-mail. Plus you will be able to download them from your account at Megatiket.com under folder Tickets.

Print tickets and keep them ready for event!

Step 2. Receive a discount!

With Megatiket tickets for Mega Lottery you need to go after deadline listed on our clock to any of Hornbach’s stores on the territory of Czech Republic. There after the start date of campaign all HORNBACH stores will be selling FOR THE FIRST TIME PRODUCTS OF MOBILE in retail!

Mobil comes to Czech market with a line of products available for every motor in the country!!! From Mercedes till second hand cars and garden equipment! What was available Formula 1 now will be available for you! And with discount!

The Mobil brand is traditionally associated with performance, experience and an innovative approach, and deserves to be one of the world’s most respected and well-known companies.

Mobil 1 is the world’s most widely used synthetic engine oil. Mobil uses state-of-the-art raw materials to make its products a guarantee of exceptional quality.

The Mobil Super brand is used worldwide for premium motor oils.

Mobil Delvac has a nearly 80-year tradition in the industrial oil market, so it’s no surprise that the technology used from five of the world’s leading truck engine manufacturers.

For decades, ExxonMobil has been committed to developing industrial oils to provide customers with absolute quality.

Mobil SHC synthetic oils offer a long service life, are engine friendly, and more energy efficient than other products.

Step 3. Register for MEGA LOTTERY!

After purchase of any of unique products of Mobil go to cash register and present your Megatiket Mega lottery ticket! You will receive upfront a discount for above mentioned products!


Step 4.Watch the game!

About the way the lottery goes you will find out from video broadcasting, the links to which will be shown on www.megatiket.com site.

Step 5. Win!

Announcement of winners will be in September!

Prepare for trip to Formula 1 or Free of charge gasoline for a year!