Sputnik Health Trip

3,630.00 4,235.00  včetně DPH

Sputnik Health Trip

3,630.00 4,235.00  včetně DPH

Only a vaccine can radically stop THE VIRUS. Experts have calculated that it takes more than 5 years to vaccinate the world.
So you have a choice – or wait 5 years or get vaccinated right away. With Sputniktrip!

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A COVID vaccine called SputnikV was created and tested in the Russian Federation titled in the name of the first mission sent into outer space.

Today, about 50 countries have ordered this vaccine from Russia, and some will produce it locally under license, some will get a drug ready for use and made in Russia. Russia itself has started mass vaccination on its territory and is carrying out injections for teachers, doctors and other groups of the population who encounter this disease every day. In accordance with the available data, this medicine provides strong protection for 2 years, has no side effects and is well received by patients.Now and all Europeans have access to this product through www.megatiket.com. You need to buy a package and everything else will be done by professionals: airlines, travel agencies, the best clinics with which we have signed agreements.
As a result, everyone will contact you to determine the dates, room types and other important details of your trip.

Get rid of such bad thoughts, buy a trip – we tried to keep the price as low as possible – and go back to health and become fully protected!

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1 two way trip with 3 weeks stay in Moscow, 2 two ways flights with short stays in Moscow


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