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Megatiket is name of the first in Central and Eastern Europe system for on-line sales of advertising, where organizer of event – no matter which event – can in few minutes create a package from different advertising instruments. More over – client can choose a definite audience because different radios, TV channels and other media know their viewers and listeners very well and can place advertising to the right consumers. Megatiket is growing it’s offer of advertising products and distribution channels via it’s affiliate network. In addition to strong advertising our clients can order ticketing/invitation/registration system to support their sales and to know real effect of their promo campaign.

At the moment we are fully focused on COVID 19, a disaster virus, infecting the whole planet. We are helping to our clients to take a more proactive position with it and finally not to defend, but fight with it!

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Megaevent s.r.o.

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Operational office: Czech Republic, Prague 2, Koubkova 1726/8, 120 00

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